3 Style Princess Dresses Wholesale Recommend

3 Style Princess Dresses Wholesale Recommend

3 Style Princess Dresses Wholesale Recommend

DuDuWholesale kids clothing online store is focused on children’s product wholesale over 15 years. Every single girl has their own princess dream. Owning one beautiful baby girl princess dress is the garderobe of baby girl clothing’s necessary. DuDuwholesale will update 50+ kid clothing every day, include causal dresses, princess dresses, holiday dresses, floral dresses ,etc.

We will introduce you 3 styles princesses dresses in this article. Hope you will like it.

1.Flutter Sleeve Flower Toddler Girls Party Dresses

Flutter Sleeve Flower Toddler Girls Party Dresses DuDu Wholesale

Whether as a baby girl or a girl big kid, I believe flowers are one of wonderful and beautiful thing in kids’ heart. This princesses dresses with bright color and yellow flowers is perfect choice for baby girl clothing.

The dress has four colors from DuDuwholesale include pink, yellow, blue and purple. You can choose which colour you want. This is a yellow princess long dress. The upper body is decorated with flouncing lotus leaf frills on the shoulders, and the waist is decorated with a wide sequined waistband. Look at the fluffy skirt. The yellow bottom skirt has a layer of translucent white yarn. Vines and leaves are sewn on the tutu skirt, this vine with Dozens of yellow flowers are in the status of full bloom. This dress is full of natural and romantic smell. What a lovely dress it is!

2. Rainbow Mexsh Tutu Princess Dress

Rainbow Mesh Tutu Princess Dress Wholesale DuDu Wholesale

This is a rainbow colourful tutu princess dress. It has two color in DuDuwholesale with pink and blue. The upper body is a piece of flouncing translucent gauze enclose from the shoulder to the abdomen. There are glittering sequins on the chest, this part a shine spot. The skirt body is multilayer, it accompanied by three layers of rainbow yarn, which increases the fluffy feeling of the skirt. The edge of the rainbow yarn is closed with gradient rainbow silk, which has a sense of design and a sense of high quality. This dress is very suitable for a formal and grand ball.

3.Flower Floral Mesh Fluffy Long Princesses Dress

Unicorn Flower Decor Mesh Gown Birthday Dress For Girls DuDu Wholesale

This is floral fluffy princesses dress. It has two color from DuDuwholesale with white and pink. This is a floral fluffy princesses dress. The dress wih several small flowers, amout five petals were sewn on the upper body. Flowers are always one of the girls' favorite accessories, and because the dress with different colors of the flowers on the tops, this design really more attractive girls' attention. Then let us look at the bottom half of the dress, which accompanied by two layers of white gauze. Each layer is sewn with colorful translucent bows-knot on the edges of the gauze. How romantic the dress is! That bows-knot embellishment design which makes people feel so lively. It is definitely one of the princess dresses that girls perfect choice.

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