Come And Learn How To Choose Wholesale Girls Clothing For Your Business

Come And Learn How To Choose Wholesale Girls Clothing For Your Business

Come And Learn How To Choose Wholesale Girls Clothing For Your Business

I. Introduction

As a wholesaler and retailer of clothing, you may don’t know much about wholesale girls clothing, so we have some tips. They are trustworthy and reliable and have been in business for the longest time wholesale girls clothing.

II.Why to buy wholesale girls clothing.

It is well known that girls need beautiful clothes to dress up all the time. According to expert statistics, a teenage girl, on average, buys one to two clothes a week. This shows the wholesale little girl clothing market demand is enormous. As the market demand expands, girls clothing has to be updated to adapt. In this respect, Dudu wholesale does well. It can well meet the girls’ increasingly affluent dressing needs.

III. Where to buy wholesale girls clothing.

When you think about purchasing wholesale girls clothes, there are two approaches. One is from the factory, and another is from the distributor. When you need to wholesale girls clothes in large quantities, you’d better choose the factory. And you can customize the girls wholesale clothing according to the clothing patterns you need. Instead, if you don’t need the bulk of the clothing, you can choose the distributors. And they already have many kinds of clothing patterns ready for you.

Two of the more famous clothing brands are KissKissing and Dudu wholesale. They’ve all been on The Amazon platform for many years and have abundant experiences. Like Dudu wholesale , which can offer a wide variety of girl wholesale boutique clothing. And Dudu wholesale offers some exclusive discounts. You can save $300 when you spend $3000. And what’s better is, Dudu wholesale will email you the discount information.

IV. How to buy wholesale girls clothing.

1. Firstly, you should consider the advance in wholesale clothing.
You need to get stock in advance. For example, in the spring, you need to have summer clothes. You need to consider the styles, colors, and so on that might be in fashion. To test the clothing market and clothing style, you can try the one for delivery, but there’s a cost to consider.

2. Besides, you can stock the wholesale girls clothing according to your demand.
You need to stock the wholesale girls clothing according to your demand, such as once a month, once two months, and once two weeks. When you store so many clothes at once, you can choose the first way. And if you want to little into and out the other, you can select the last method. That will ensure that you have sufficient funds.

3. To increase customers, you can offer some special services.
For example, Dudu wholesale offers the wholesalers and retailers the free brand with your logo and thank you cards. They can show a thousand tags at a time, which increases customer stability.

4. You should pay attention to clothes that girls like.
Remarkably, a part of the clients loves to buy princess dresses for their cute little girls on special occasions or family dinners. Considering this wholesale little girl clothing market demand, you can stock different princess dresses, like party princess dresses, beach princess dresses, etc.

5. Don’t forget that you need to pay attention to the size of girls at different ages.
The following international sizes are available for reference.
Size XS S S+ M M+ L L+ XL XL+
Numeric Size 6 – 7 8 – 9 8 – 9 Plus 10 – 12 10 – 12 Plus 14 – 16 14 – 16 Plus 18 – 20 18 – 20 Plus
Age 7 – 8 8 – 10 8 – 10 10 – 12 10 – 12 12 – 13 12 – 13 13 – 15 13 – 15
Height (cm) 122 – 128 128 – 137 128 – 137 137 – 146 137 – 146 146 – 156 146 – 156 156 – 166 156 – 166
Chest (cm) 64.5 – 68 68 – 73 73.5 – 80.5 73 – 79 80.5 – 87.5 79 – 85.5 87.5 – 96 85.5 – 92.5 96 – 105
Waist (cm) 59.5 – 61 61 – 64 67.5 – 74.5 64 – 68 74.5 – 82 68 – 71.5 82 – 90 71.5 – 74.5 90 – 99
Hip (cm) 68.5 – 73 73 – 78.5 79.5 – 85.5 78.5 – 83.5 85.5 – 92 83.5 – 88.5 92 – 99 88.5 – 93.5 99 – 107

V. As for girls clothing, there are many styles.

Some girls like shirts, jeans, skirts, something casual, some like fashionable style, and some prefer a neutral look. Even for different seasons, there are different girls clothing recommendations. It is warm in spring, so most girls choose jackets and coats. Girls also like to wear dresses during spring outings. In summer, short sleeves shorts become the first choice. And varicolored dresses become a beautiful scenery to be seen everywhere. During the autumn, girls like to wear sweaters, coats, and jeans, with wholesale girls’ hats. That looks very foreign. In cold winter, most people want to put on thick down jackets to wrap themselves, and girls are no exception. But there are also many fashionable styles of down jackets to choose.

Here are many girls’ clothing styles.
Many girls want to be beautiful princesses and wear gorgeous dresses every day. The wholesale girls dresses will be the perfect princess for you. There are many kinds of wholesale girls dresses for you to choose, like wholesale flower girl dresses, little girl party dresses wholesale, BUTTONED FLORAL SHORT SLEEVES, FRESH STITCHING DRESSES, CHILDREN’S EVENING DRESS PRINCESS DRESS…

Girls’ coats and jackets are essential in all seasons. They can protect your little girl on rainy, snowy and windy days. In rainy summer, coats and jackets can withstand the wind and rain. It can also protect you from the wind and snow in the cold winter. And the clothes are made very comfortable and elegant. Start your purchasing trip for girl wholesale boutique clothing now!

A nice top has a lot of impacts. A colorful girls’ top is visually striking. Add some high quality clothing materials and you will have a great dressing experience. Come and decide on one of the beautiful tops!

The shirts are printed with dots or flowers, with plaid or in plain poplin, and are the must-have tops in girls’ wardrobes from 2 to 14 years old. Come and discover the wholesale baby girl clothes.

Every season is beautiful because the little angels’ wardrobe can be ultimately “revised. ” Different seasons will have different styles of fashion sweaters. Don’t forget little girl boutique clothing wholesale of sweaters.

Cuddly sweaters and super-soft cardigans keep extra warm—some numerous charming knitwear on offer which is of excellent quality but at low prices. And the nicest thing is that cheerful motifs and colorful patterns cheer up any gloomy days.

Some little girls need to wear rompers and jumpsuits because they can’t care for themselves. The rompers and jumpsuits look more polished. In addition to providing convenience, rompers and jumpsuits also have some good-looking styles, like Jumpsuit Sunflower Print Style, Baby Denim Wholesale Rompers & Jumpsuits, Button short sleeve Colorblock Gingham girl jumpsuit…

8. Some accessories
When you pick out clothes for your girl, you might want some accessories to go with them. And the interesting thing is, some cute toddler girl clothes wholesales pay attention to that. Such as hats, Baby Solid Color Bow Cloth Headband, Chick Cute Plush Color Matching Cartoon Wholesale Backpack, Sticky Alphabet Anti-UV Personalized Wholesale Sunglasses, Toddler Girls Flower Shape Crossbody Coin Purse…
Believe that a good accessory can add extra points to clothes.


It is the ultimate guide for you to choose the wholesale girls clothing. And I believe that you can select the best picks for wholesale girls clothing today. I hope you become an excellent girls’ clothing store owner.

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