8 Best wholesale childrens clothing distributors In China , UK, and US

8 Best wholesale childrens clothing distributors In China , UK, and US

8 Best wholesale childrens clothing distributors In China , UK, and US


If you are in the children's clothing business and are looking for a reliable wholesale childrens clothing distributors , then I can help you. There are many wholesale children’s clothing distributor websites for shopping online wholesale children's clothing at affordable prices without compromising the quality. Let's have a look at the best wholesale children's boutique clothing suppliers available.

The wholesale children's clothing business is worth Billions: 

Children’s wholesale boutique clothing business usually has higher revenue and profit. You may make a significant profit on each product if you sell designer jeans, formal wear, party dresses, and brand-name clothing. 

Selling bulk wholesale children's boutique clothing business, whether online or offline is worth billions. There is a huge market for children's wholesale boutique clothing, and the profit potential is enormous if you can get your products at a low cost. 

When you buy children's boutique clothing at wholesale prices, you may save a lot of money. Some wholesale children’s clothing distributors also offer 70% discount deals for their customers with international shipping options. There are other wholesale children’s clothing distributors who do not have a minimum order requirement. Clothing is available in bundles of 3, 4, 5, or 6 pieces, with varied styles, colors, and sizes for variety.


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Dudu wholesale children's clothing is the best and professional wholesale children’s clothing distributor. For many years, it has had a contemporary professional children's clothing processing facility that has mostly focused on wholesale children's garment manufacture. It operates in several various countries. It offers a wholesale children's clothing boutique with complete processing equipment, including wholesale children's dresses, wholesale children's tops, wholesale children's bottoms, and wholesale children's clothes for babies, boys, and girls. 

It provides products to online sellers, exporters, distributors, and retailers. It has a vast category including family matching outfits, wholesale maternity clothes, wholesale baby clothes and accessories, wholesale baby shoes, wholesale boy clothes, wholesale girl’s clothes, wholesale cute toddler clothes, etc. 

Dudu wholesale also provides drop shipping services to customers. There is no minimum order quantity for clothing, but you must register an account on our website to satisfy the needs of our various consumers. The products are normally delivered to customers via Fed Ex and DHL. The estimated delivery time is 5-10 working days. 


wholesale childrens clothing|kids wholesale clothing|wholesale baby clothing

Mommbaby is the best global wholesale children’s clothing distributor with operations in more than 100 countries and territories. They have advanced professional children's clothing processing plants and have focused on wholesale children's clothing production for many years, and are dedicated to value quality, and service. It provides children's wholesale boutique clothing: tops, bottoms, dresses, and clothes for boys & girls.

Mommbaby's success can be attributed in part to the company's values of standards in-house production. It is a safe place to shop for wholesale children's clothing. It strives to become the best wholesale children's boutique clothing supplier in China while maintaining a commitment to value, quality, and service. The warehouse in Guangdong, China, is adequately supplied and orders can be shipped out within 48 hours. You may simply receive orders from anywhere in the world thanks to their global shipping services!


wholesale childrens clothing|kids wholesale clothing|wholesale baby clothing

KISKISSING is a reputable online wholesaler of children's clothes. SINTEX APPAREL LIMITED, a Guangzhou-based fashion garment company with extensive expertise, owns it. KISKISSING stands for "Kiss for Fashion Kids". It is particularly important to note that it creates high-quality products with extra care. All of the products are controlled according to the AQL2.5 quality standard. 

KISKISSING online shop is the perfect choice for quality children's clothing wholesale, trendy children's clothes wholesale, or wholesale branded children's clothing. It primarily focuses on stylish and quality children's clothing wholesale, with a diverse product line that includes tutus, children's swimwear, children's accessories, boys suits, princess dresses, baby rompers, and children's knitwear. Because KISKISSING's products are usually in stock, you can place an order without waiting for a MOQ request. It provides incredibly competitive factory prices, so the more you buy the more you save. 

PKW group:

wholesale childrens clothing|kids wholesale clothing|wholesale baby clothing

Penguin Kids Wear, Inc. is the parent organization of the PKW Group. PKW group specializes not only in wholesale children's clothing but also provides a variety of adult clothing for individuals. PKW group is devoted to selling only genuine licensed products manufactured of high-quality materials. They are providing a variety of products under categories girls, boys, accessories, women’s apparel, men’s apparel, backpack & bags, swim station, tee shirts, rock bands, holidays. PKW group also gives a separate option to shop only by brands. 

The PKW Group can assist you in finding high-quality and trendy children's clothes for your store. For almost two decades, it has been a recognized wholesale children’s clothing distributor supporting many business owners. It is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date children’s clothing of all ages, as well as excellent customer service and quick shipment.


wholesale childrens clothing|kids wholesale clothing|wholesale baby clothing

The BETTER BABY is a perfect wholesale children’s clothing distributor, located in lovely Orlando, FL, near Walt Disney World, the world's most famous theme park. Ariselis and her husband, Michael, launched a better Baby Boutique. This small wholesale children’s clothing distributor will evolve to fulfill your requirements with an exceptional customer service commitment.

Clothing is available in a variety of categories, including a baby girl, baby boy, shoes, accessories, and toddlers. They frequently offer discounts to their customers. They create various products for their customers based on the latest trend and seasons.

Better Baby, Inc. was created from a desire to combine a love for fashion and family into an online. Their products are the ideal blend of inexpensive, outstanding, and personalized. Its goal is to keep prices low, offering shipping offers and amazing coupons, making your search for the right outfit manageable and less stressful.


wholesale childrens clothing|kids wholesale clothing|wholesale baby clothing

Baby Wit is a top-rated wholesale children’s clothing distributor in the United States. They offer appealing and sophisticated customized graphic design services. All of the children’s clothing can be paired with graphic tees for men or women to create some of the unique baby shower gifts. For an extra $1, Baby Wit offers gift-wrapping service, which includes your choice of hand-stamped boxes tied with a zipper pouch or ribbon.

They also have matching outfits that are highly enticing because new dads enjoy wearing matching daddy and me shirts. Their baby outfits include metal kids, Goth babies, pink skulls, rocks, punk babies, baby creepers, sugar skulls, and, of course, black attire. You will find many interesting and unique baby clothes that you will not find anywhere else. Products are customized so they do not provide the services of return and exchange. You can order online and pay via master cards, visa, American Express, etc. They use Fed Ex to ship their products and it is the safest and quickest method of shipping. 


wholesale childrens clothing|kids wholesale clothing|wholesale baby clothing

Honeydew is wholesale children’s clothing distributor that offers the most up-to-date range of children's clothing that is both elegant and inexpensive. It is a children's clothes wholesale supplier with a wide range of products based in Canada. Honeydew provides seasonal and trendy clothes collections. Their collection includes top, dresses, top and pants set, pants/shorts, pajama/sleepwear, girl’s clothing, boy’s clothing, baby clothing, valentines, spring, and summer collection, swimwear, accessories, essentials, Mommy & Me, appliques & embroidery, smocked collection, etc. 

They use a variety of shipping services, including USPS and UPS. From Monday to Friday, they normally deliver within 1-2 days. They offer free delivery on orders of $999 or more and charge $15 for orders of $40 or more.


wholesale childrens clothing|kids wholesale clothing|wholesale baby clothing

LAShowroom is an online wholesale children's boutique clothing for resale for designers and distributors of clothing and accessories. Children's clothes wholesale suppliers can promote and offer their collections to buyers from all around the world through this online children's wholesale boutique clothing destination. Buyers can make use of LAShowroom's additional services, such as access to product photographs for promotional or website use and the Buyer Rewards Program. LAShowroom produces a diverse range of children's clothes including tops, tees, dresses, pants, swimwear, sweaters, jackets, accessories, baby tops, evening gowns, jumpsuits, and skirts. 

LAShowroom connects manufacturers, designers, and distributors with customers from all over the world through the virtual showroom. It also conducts pre-screened collections of wholesale boutique clothing and accessories. Every week, manufacturers, fashion designers, and distributors are also added. 


Wholesale children's clothing is a profitable business if you find appropriate wholesale children’s clothing distributors that are critical to the success of your business. Your wholesale children's clothes distributors should have several positive qualities, including affordability, efficiency, a wide range of products, and dependability. 

You must thoroughly inspect your wholesale children’s clothing distributors, regardless of how you locate them. You do not want to be counting your losses and subsequently regretting them. Check out and don't be scared to back out if you're not satisfied. You may always go back and look for a different distributor who is a better fit for you.

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